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Ebisu eyecare provides a convient way to get appointment online. We can book an appointment on the link provided below in case of any query please call 080-2258-5555
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Welcome to Ebisu Eye-care

Welcome to Ebisu Eye Care, voted one of the best, 3 years running.  Our highest priority is Personalized eye care to enhance and preserve your vision. Also, we offer advance technique in eye care. Ebisu Eye Care team offers you the highest level of comfort & aftercare that your eyes deserve.

The team focuses on your best eye health and vision correction, Delivered in an inviting atmosphere with impeccable customer care.

“Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.”

About us


The Mission of Ebisu eye care is to be a center of excellence in Eye-Care services, with a focus on extending equitable and efficient Eye care to underserved populations in the developing world. Our eye-care specialist will continually seek to enhance our patients’ quality of vision. Ebisu Eye-Care is, therefore, a solid commitment to developing, enhancing, preserving, and protecting the visual abilities of each patient. Ebisu Eye-Care strives to ensure the highest quality of life for our patients by providing premium eye care and state of the art eyewear products.


To respectfully manage, enhance and exceed the eye and vision care needs of our community with quality services and products. We seek to provide services and recommendations with genuine concern for the well being of our patients and also to create excellent and equitable Eye care systems that reach all those in need.