Sports Eye Injuries

  • Each year, participating in sports causes tens of thousands of eye injuries. Most of these occur in kids, and about 90% of them can be avoided.
  • Basketball and baseball cause the most eye injuries, followed by water sports and racquet sports.

There are several types of common eye injuries in sports.

  • Blunt trauma injuries. These occur when something or someone hits you in or around your eye. A black eye is bruising of your eye, eyelid, or area around your eye. This often looks worse than it is, but it can cause damage. Other severe injuries include:
    • Orbital blowout fracture: a broken bone under your eyeball.
    • Ruptured globe: a broken eyeball.
    • Detached retina: when part of your eye separates. Your retina is the tissue that is sensitive to light.
  • Penetrating injuries. These occur when something or someone cuts your eye. If you wear glasses, they can break and cut your eye. Someone’s finger or an outside object can cut your eye. These injuries range from mild to deep cuts.
  • Radiation injuries. These occur from sun exposure to your eyes. They are most common in outdoor sports, such as cycling, snow or water skiing, and other water sports

  • In some cases, these or other eye injuries can lead to partial or complete blindness. Talk to your doctor about how you can protect your eyes. This is extra important if you play very high-risk sports. Eye protection can help reduce your chance or degree of eye injuries. Your best option is to wear 3mm polycarbonate lenses. These lenses are thin, lightweight, and impact resistant. You can find the lenses in safety glasses and goggles